M.A. in Secondary Education

The purpose of this Master of Arts program with a concentration in Secondary Education is to support beginning teachers in developing and reflecting on their practice in relation to recent and continuing research on teaching and learning in their subject areas.

M.A.: Concentration in Secondary Education — Minimum 30 units

SF State Credential Courses (12 units accepted from Credential program)

Required Courses (12 units)

  • ISED 797:   Seminar in Educational Research, 3 units
  • SED 770:    Current Issues in Secondary Education, 3 units
  • SED 780:    Advanced Curriculum Development, 3 units
  • SED 850:    Culminating Experience Project Design, 3 units 

Elective (3 units)

Culminating Experience (3 units)

  • SED 895 Field Study or Curriculum Innovation Project (CIP), 3 or SED 898 Master’s Thesis, 3 

Courses Taken in the Single Subject Credential Program

Up to 12 units of course work in secondary education completed to satisfy the requirements of the Single Subject Credential program may be used to fulfill the requirements for the Master of Arts, as long as they were taken within the seven-year time limit for the master's degree. Credential courses that may be counted as electives or as "related or distributed field" courses include S ED 701, 720, 759, 769, 790, 800. Student teaching (S ED 640, 660) and the associated seminars (S ED 751, 752), may not be counted. Curriculum and instruction courses taken in other departments may be counted.