Single Subject Credential Intern Program

The Difference Between the "Intern Program" & Having an "Intern Credential"

Things to Remember: Observations


What is the deadline to apply to the Intern Program?

The deadline for the Multiple & Single Subject Intern Programs is: August 1

This is an absolute date and your Intern Credential Program application must be complete with all requirements met by this date.

Applications will be considered after this date ONLY if the potential Intern Candidate has met all requirements by the first day of classes fall semester. NO applications will be considered once the semester has started.

Should either of these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the credential program application will be accepted the next business day.

Mandatory Orientation for ALL Fall 2019 intern admits on August 12, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. This orientation is only for individuals who have been accepted into the INTERN PROGRAM


Single Subject Credential Intern Program-- Course Pathway





Year 1

  • SED 751 Classroom Environment and Management, 3
  • Curriculum and Instruction 1— Course differs by content area, 3
  • SED 640: Supervised Observation / Participation in Public Schools, 3


  • SED 790: Second Language Development, 3
  • SED 701: Teaching for Equity in Secondary Schools, 3

Year 2

  • SED 720: Literacy Across Content Areas, 3  
  • SED 800: Adolescent Development, 3
  • SED 752: Professional Perspectives and Practices, 3
  • Curriculum and Instruction 2—Course differs by content area, 3
  • SED 660: Student Teaching- Single Subject, 9