Why Should You Come to SF State for Your Single Subject Credential or MA Degree

SF State's Single Subject Credential graduates have excellent record of getting jobs - last year, 100% of our credential graduates got jobs
The Department of Secondary Education specializes in educating teachers to teach at the middle and high school levels
We have great teachers who are using their own experience teaching in middle and high schools to prepare future teachers using pedagogy designed for middle and high school
We have an up to date curriculum based upon the latest research in the field
We offer two flexible Single Subject Credential options:  a two and a three semester single subject credential options
DEFINITELY the lowest tuition levels in the Bay Area (along with other CSUs)
We offer a wide collection of student teacher placement options 
Students have a choice in taking fall classes in the morning, afternoon or evening to accommodate student needs/preferences
The Single Subject Credential program offers SED 800 fully online
The M.A. in Secondary Education offers courses in a Hybrid (Online + Face-to-Face) format