Dr. Gregg Bender

Gregg Bender


Dr. Bender teaches literacy classes and supervises student teachers.


Gregg Bender, Ph.D.

Professional Background:

  • BA in English Literature – SF State
  • Credentials: General Secondary, Elementary, Pupil Services, Administration
  • MA – Educational Administration – SF State
  • Ph.D. – Educational Administration – UC Berkeley
  • 20 years active service in secondary teaching and site administration (middle & high School)
  • 21 years active district level administrative experience including supervision of middle and high schools – San Francisco Unified School District and San Rafael City Schools
  • 7 years part time experience in Secondary Teacher Preparation – SF State University


Professional Activities:

I have worked professionally with children, teachers, and schools for the past 50 years.  I have always enjoyed it.  I deeply believe in the value of teaching as a profession, and I am happy to be of assistance to children and to the professionals who choose to work with them.  For me, there is nothing better.


Dr. Gregg Bender, part-time faculty member