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  • Secondary Education Admissions Deadlines - Single Subject Credential:

Spring admissions--  November 15

Fall admissions-- February 15

  • Secondary Education Admissions Deadlines - Intern Program for Single Subject Credential:

Fall admissions-- August 1 (Only applicants meeting all Intern Program Requirements will be consider at this date)

  • Secondary Education Admissions Deadlines - M.A. Programs:  

Spring admissions--  November 15

Fall admissions-- May 1

  • Secondary Education edTPA submission date for 2016/17 Program:

April 13

  • Graduate Studies Division deadlines-- for admissions, culminating experience, and graduation
  • Registrar's Office deadlines-- for drop / add / withdrawal and other class-related actions
  • The Department will support those submitting on the April 13, 2017 deadline through SED 751 & 752 courses. If one choses to submit before or after the April 13, 2017 deadline, institutional support will not be available.